How to Create a WordPress Website in 5 Minutes with Coupons


How to Create a Professional-Looking WordPress Website in 5 Minutes

If you are going to have a professional-looking website for your business, but don’t want to break the bank, then you need to know about two things: WordPress and coupon codes.

First: Coupon Codes

To set up your website, you’ll need to i) register a domain name, and ii) buy web hosting. Hosting is a server where your website is located. These costs can get out of hand quickly. They start at about $50/year, but these companies like to scare you into upgrading into larger plans, which can be $200/month or more!

Luckily, it’s a competitive industry and they offer lots of promo codes to incentivize new customers. You can use a to find coupons for the hosting company you need, and then you can save more by purchasing multiple years at once (at the discounted rate). Or you can click here to view some discounts for Photobox (for our UK visitors).

Second: WordPress

WordPress makes building a website fast and easy. All major hosting companies offer it for free. Once you install it, you can add themes (there’s thousands of free themes to choose from) that will give your website its own distinct look and feel. For functionality like contact forms and email subscriptions, you can install free plugins (there’s millions to choose from that are all free).

Making a website has never been easier.

Whenever you’re surfing the net, you can tell if a website is of good quality or not. We’ve all seen sites that are just ‘tired’ looking, very un-inspiring, with poor content quality, and bad layouts. When you run into one of these, it shows you how important a first impression is when it comes to your own personal website. You want a site that’s pleasing to your visitors, that will keep them coming back on a regular basis.

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It would be nice to be able to create a website and have unlimited resources. If you had all the money you’d ever need to blow on creating your site, able to hire as many people for the heavy lifting as you needed, wouldn’t that make it simple? But that has nothing to do with reality for most of us, so what we have to do, is learn how to build our own professional looking website on a small budget. This can also refer to our technical abilities as well.

Take into account what you want to use your site to do. If you’re going to write a blog, it’s easy to design a small site that’s modern and attractive, but it doesn’t require all the flashy stuff some others do. In this scenario, you just throw up a free blog or a WordPress blog in a few minutes, and you’re ready to go. It’s very simple, and very easy. There are lots of sites on the web that will let you start a free blog.

When a Professional Might Be Needed.

But if your needs are a bit more complicated, creating a professional looking website can be a little more challenging. If this is the case, you may need to hire a professional to do it for you. If this happens you are still going to have to stick to your budget. This means finding the right web designer who can do it for your price. Sometimes you can go through freelance programming websites, but you might not understand what the job calls for until it begins.

You can look for programmers that you can afford, and have them work on your design, and you can benefit from your already existing contacts as well. Most assuredly you’ve met people online who own websites, and maybe you can use one of their designers. You might even be able to swing a discount for yourself. At the very least you can get some kind of ballpark price so you can match it against your budget. Plus you can get a good idea of how good their work is.

Regardless of your budget, you need to be willing to do what it takes financially for the creation of a professional website. This doesn’t mean going broke, but not holding back when it counts. You still want the best deal you can get when you’re designing your site. Don’t ever lose the vision you have for your website, but go for it. Search around, do what it takes to find the help you need at the price you need, and soon you’ll be showing your friends the new website that is all yours.

Install WordPress with Mojo Themes.

How to create your own website in minutes is something not many people realize is possible for both of the options mentioned above. You will need to have your own domain and your own hosting account in place and if you choose the right hosting then you will be able to use the easy install from Mojo Themes. This allows you to simply click fill in a few simple boxes and then click install and you are pretty much done. There are of course a whole load of customizations that you can do on your website to change the look, feel and what it actually does, but the basic website is very easy to do.

Premium Alternatives:

The alternative is to use one of the many websites available that host your site for you. There are some downsides to this method as you do not have as much control of your site. In a number of cases of late for example websites have been closed down following people posting quotes from other websites. However sites such as Weebly and Wix offer a very good and straight forward service to use that are very reliable. These sites will however only allow you to use your own domain through a premium paid service and this normally amounts to a monthly charge which once you have paid you might as well have gone with your own domain anyway.

Are You a Control Freak?

Given a personal preference and being a bit of a control freak I prefer to have my own domains on my own hosting using WordPress to manage and control the information that is on my website. Along with that should the website that you decided to host your domain with vanish overnight, which some do, then your website vanishes as well.

Hiring Help Can Help Your Business.

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Finding a good WordPress website designer can drastically help your e-business. This web designer can create a WordPress site that is attractive and has a high search ranking.

What To Avoid in Web Designers:

Avoid designers that try to sell Dreamweaver and Flash. This is for the simple fact that the two pale in comparison to WordPress especially, when it comes to search engine rankings. In addition, flash sites, while they may look fancy, slow web page loading times. People do not want to wait half a minute to watch an animated cartoon or figure. Furthermore, search engines are unable to read Flash and this is it’s a major problem. If you feature the bulk of your prized content in Flash, your website will not be indexed. This is because the content will appear indecipherable in Google. WordPress has content plug-ins similar to Flash. However, those in WordPress can be read in Google’s search engine.

How Your Website Looks and Functions is The Most Important Thing.

In your quest to find the best WordPress website designers, look for a freelancer who can create the most attractive and functional websites, which rank high in Google. Such professionals know how to tweak the code to ensure that it is search engine optimized. If the indexing occurs early on, your site will be more able to reach the top of the search engine results page.

A good number of individuals owning a domain name for the very first time are not aware that few designers also offer SEO content writing services. Instead, they are responsible only for the design. These two areas ought to work together in one service to provide excellent SEO content that can fill up your website pages, effectively providing you with article marketing campaigns that will help improve search visibility.

It need not be difficult to find a great website content writing services and WordPress website designer. Research and you will find what you’re looking for.